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Bible Memory Game Levels

Developer: Pink Tufts

The Game of Bible Memory Levels, is a great entertainment with no age restriction, for you to interact and play with the whole family.Its goal: Awakening in the child's interest in the Bible. Besides stimulating learning. Develop intelligence. Stimulate and increase visual storage capacity in a playful manner, working logical reasoning, visual and motor. Attention, visual discrimination. It can also develop different abilities of thought as: observe, compare, analyze and summarize.Game Features:You will find images of brightly colored biblical characters, facilitating their memory.The game consists of 96 levels
Difficulty: Easy (4x4)Normal (4x5)Hard (5x6)Very hard (6x6)
You should go playing to unlock each stage. The goal of the game and you find all even until the end, with the lowest number of possible moves and win the 3 stars.You can use the 3 tips without losing any points. The greater the number of hits, plus the chance to reach the 3 stars. Forming all pairs of the illustrated figures, with the lowest number of possible moves.You have the option to play with or without internet.
Good luck and have fun with the whole family and pals!Also check out the other applications we have, you will not regret it.
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